Stewarts Road Study — Nine Elms Opportunity Area, London

The multiple roles which the Stewarts Road area fulfils in servicing Central London.

The fragmentation of the area by railway infrastructure creates a series of distinct land parcels – occupied by a mixture of employment uses varying in scale, grain and typology. The anticipated scale and pace of redevelopment within the VNEB (Victoria-Nine Elms-Battersea) Opportunity Area provides a key strategic context for the project.

The study begins with close analysis of what already existed – in terms of both physical fabric and activities – which informed series of proposals at a range of scales.

Exploring ways to maximise the use of the strategically valuable railway infrastructure

Using the hierarchy of built fabric to improve the relationship of the area to its surroundings, whilst sustaining heavy industry within its depth.

A series of small-scale public interventions represent quick-win projects to improve the appearance and profile of the area.


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