Royal Docks — London

GLA Royal Docks Team / London Borough of Newham

JCLA / Alan Baxter / Maddison Graphic / Studio Dekka / Urban Space Management / Quod / Accertum

5th Studio has won a long-term commission with the Greater London Authority to develop and guide a comprehensive public realm framework for London’s Royal Docks.

With renewed focus and investment, the Mayor’s approval of a £314m Delivery Plan and the arrival of Crossrail, the time has come for major change. The vision for the Royal Docks is of a productive place with the potential to generate 35,000 jobs & 4,000 homes, supported by its status as the capital’s only Enterprise Zone.

For a generation the Royal Docks has been seen as one of London’s key regeneration sites. Strategically located, the docks - the largest area of impounded water in the world - have so far resisted comprehensive development. The Docks will be developed over time through the work of many hands: an effective public realm framework is critical to ensure overall coherence, with connectivity and public spaces imagined at a scale appropriate to the opportunity. This overall vision will need to be delivered through diverse range of tactics and approaches.

The Royal Docks Team - a joint initiative by the Mayor of London and the Mayor of Newham -is leading the development of a Place Framework, working with stakeholders to reimagine the role of the vast water areas, to help plan for public realm improvements and to create a structure for the longer-term asset and water stewardship. 5th Studio’s work is one of three parallel studies - an economic purpose analysis led by Hatch Regeneris, and a Cultural Strategy led by Fluid with the Contemporary Arts Society.

5th Studio leads a comprehensive team that includes Urban Space Management (use strategy & water activation), Alan Baxter Associates (engineering) JCLA (landscape), Maddison Graphic, Accertum (costs), Studio Dekka (lighting) and Quod (planning). This core team is augmented by an expert panel including The Ecology Consultancy, NEF Consulting and Create London.

The project was awarded through a competitive tender process through the Greater London Authority and Transport for London’s Architecture Design and Urbanism Panel, Lot 3.



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