Park Royal Public Realm Strategy — London

Park Royal is an area of 700 hectares which constitutes Europe’s largest industrial estate.

Gateways: Key points of entry coincide with rail and underground stations. The proposed interventions seek to strengthen the identity of Park Royal, reinforcing the unique qualities of its boundary spaces and distinct territory.

Districts: A series of distinct pieces of urban fabric, whose diversity is critical to the economic operation and urban character of Park Royal. To support the richness of place, the strategy proposes a series of small-scale site-specific interventions.

Network: A series of road corridors are almost the only way to traverse Park Royal. The strategy proposes to improve their operation, safety and spatial quality through off-road cycle path integration and a consistent materiality

Overview of the strategy assembling different layers of proposals.

The proposals operate selectively in the space between two extreme definitions of the public realm.

The overall strategy is one of targeted intervention, articulating a clear spatial reading of Park Royal as a distinct place, and considering how to maximise the impact of investment.


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