King Edward Street — Oxford

Oriel College and Oxford City Council

5th Studio were commissioned by Oriel College to develop a masterplan for King Edward Street and Oriel Square. A late Nineteenth Century addition to the urban grain of Oxford, King Edward Street was originally conceived by the College as a means to establish a better connection between Oriel and the main thoroughfare of the High, while also providing new office accommodation to serve the expanding law and accounting professions. Changes in the latter had since left the street under-utilised while years of accretion left the streetscape in a cluttered state.

Given this context, the project sought to re-establish King Edward Street’s economic relevance and provide a high quality urban setting to provide, along with Oriel Square, a much improved approach and foreground to the College.

The masterplan established guiding principles and identified projects geared towards rejuvenating King Edward Street’s public realm and built fabric. By building upon the site’s strategic location with respect to existing retail areas and key routes through the historic core of the city, along with a close reading of the potential offered by the existing building stock, the masterplan provided the basis for the reinvention of King Edward Street as a high quality retail and food quarter.



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